What I Learned in Anguilla

What I Learned in Anguilla

When you make friends with the locals in Anguilla you learn a lot from the best.

You learn that ‘It gets worse’, If your feeling a little tipsy off the first drink… it gets worse.

You learn that sand is everywhere. No sand is not an option. Cleaning off your feet before bed is just not possible.

You learn Real Deal is… the real deal.

You learn that everyone has a nickname. If your name is Bob they’re gonna call you Dylan. They don’t care.

You learn to pull the tourist card so you can get away with anything.

You learn to always order the Rum Punch.

You learn Sandy Ground is typically the second beach you see… but it should ALWAYS be the first.

And probably the first thing you learn while in Anguilla is that you’re on Island time… 8 o’clock means 8:30 or 9:00.

But most importantly you learn that you meet the best friends and make the best memories during your time in Anguilla.


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