My name is Shannon Malloy and I am a Graphic Designer and Front End Developer. While I’m not designing or developing I enjoy doing a photography in my free time. I love traveling and although I don’t get to travel as often as I’d like, when I do I take every opportunity I can to capture the atmosphere, culture and beauty of the location. This website is here to share the adventures I’ve taken and places I’ve seen. Capturing moments at places I’ve never been before is something that brings a smile to my face and I hope my photographs do the same for you. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the view!

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All photography on this website is subject to copyright. All photos are taken by me and the rights remain mine entirely. No one may use my photos for any purpose unless they receive my written permission. This includes altering the photos in any way, using a piece or section from the photo and using my photo within another piece of work. Thank you for understanding.