Newport Adventures

Newport Adventures

January 14, 2018

Time for an Adventure

After a long while of not heading anywhere new, yesterday my boyfriend and I visited Brenton Point State Park in Newport, Rhode Island. For northern Rhode Islanders, trips to Newport are saved for special days. It’s not a typical stop for us because of our small state mentality but it was long overdue for an adventure. Regardless of it being 10° and pretty windy by the sea, we braved the cold to climb some rock walls, build cairns (a pile, or stack, of stones) and of course take some photographs.

The past few weeks I came across a couple of awesome photos taken at Brenton Point of an abandoned building, which was half the reason I chose to visit Brenton Point. Due to the location and proximity of the parking lot to the fence we’d have to climb, we decided today wasn’t the day for that part of the visit (we chickened out!).

Arriving in Newport

We arrived around 3:00 pm and made our way down to the water near the rock walls, towards a decayed cement staircase. A lot of the rocks had sheets of ice casing them that were extremely slippery. The sun was shining bright in the sky and the clouds were so interestingly scattered. There was a combination of what seemed like different trails coming and going in different directions. It was almost like a  young child’s drawing; it made absolutely no sense but was beautiful regardless.

Around 3:30 pm we headed back to the car. The (2nd) goal was to catch the sunset, which is really my goal wherever I go with my camera. Sunset was at 4:39 pm so we took a chance and raced the clock. As quickly as possible, we grabbed a bite to eat at Newport Creamery ( we were in Newport so of course we had to go! ) and drove back around 4:25 pm. We watched the big orange sun peak through the mansions, trees and houses as we hastily drove by, just barely making it.

I got some nice shots of the sunset overlooking Brenton Reef. It was a breathtaking view. The sky directly above the sun was orange and yellow, purplish-pink over to the left and pink directly behind us. The waves were especially amazing they were crashing in like crazy, spraying over any rocks in the way.

Image Sequences

I made an attempt to set up the tripod and use my new remote shutter for the first time but didn’t have any luck. I’m now figuring out what I did wrong, but I did set up the intervalometer! To my surprise, while editing today I found a couple image sequences that I was able to make into gifs. I’m pretty excited about that! Here’s one:

Couple Kissing

It was an amazing view, adventure and day. We’ll definitely be back when it’s a bit warmer!

Click here to check out all of the photos from that day.

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